Tuesday, 26th June 2018, Velenje

KAD accepts the takeover offer by Hisense

KAD accepts the takeover offer by Hisense

On June 26, 2018, Gorenje, d. d., received from the company Kapitalska družba, d. d. (KAD), a notification that KAD accepted the takeover offer by the company Hisense Luxembourg Holding and will on such basis dispose all of its shares of the company Gorenje, d. d.

The takeover offer was accepted for a total of 3,998,735 shares, representing 16.37 percent of all Gorenje shares. 

After the closing of transaction, KAD will no longer hold any ownership share in Gorenje.

Along with the information on major shareholdings, Gorenje also received a notification on transactions conducted by persons performing managerial and executive tasks, and persons closely related to them, pertaining to the acceptance of the takeover bid referred to above. Kapitalska družba is closely related to Bachtiar Djalil who holds the position of Management Board president at Kapitalska družba, as well as the position of a Supervisory Board member at the issuer company Gorenje, d. d.