Thursday, 17th January 2019, Velenje

Gorenje's WaveActive washing machine and dryer win a Plus X Award and excel in German consumer tests

Gorenje's WaveActive washing machine and dryer win a Plus X Award and excel in German consumer tests

In the January issue, the German consumer magazine ETM Testmagazin, specializing in independent product testing, released the test results for the new generation of Gorenje WaveActive washing machines and dryers. In the detailed test and evaluation, both appliances exceeded the score of 90%, and the ETM Testmagazin therefore recommends them to consumers as economical and, owing to the use of new ionization technologies, highly efficient appliances.  

ETM Testmagazin releases test results for a wide variety of white goods products, home appliances, leisure products, consumer electronics etc. The magazine has been published in Germany since 2003. In the current issue, they released the test results for two appliances of the new Gorenje WaveActive generation, which were launched in the German market late last year.

Gorenje WaveActive dryer with an 8-kg load scored 92.9% and the grade "very good" ("sehr gut"), which is the highest grade an appliance can win in such tests. Our dryer impressed the expert panel with precision manufacturing, stability, simple controls and maintenance, advanced programs, and remarkable drying efficiency paired with the A+++ energy efficiency rating. The testers singled out the IonRefresh program that uses ions to efficiently eliminate odours from the laundry to refresh it without washing. As this independent test has shown, the patented IonTech function also contributes considerably to less creased laundry after the end of the drying cycle, which means that ironing is much easier or even unnecessary.

The ETM Magazin also tested the washing machine of the new Gorenje WaveActive generation, with an 8-kg load capacity, launched in the markets in last April. The washing machines strengths highlighted in the test include the EcoCare functions that allow additional savings of energy and water with every program, TimeCare that offers a faster wash, and DoseAid that recommends the optimum amount of detergent based on the selected washing settings. Also standing out are flawless manufacturing, PowerDrive inverter motor, and – last but not least – very good washing effect that Gorenje's washing machine have taken pride in for a number of years and which ranks among the best in the market. The ETM Magazin also noted that operating the Gorenje WaveActive washing machine is so simple and intuitive that the user hardly needs an instructions manual for it, which is in keeping with Gorenje's motto of "Life Simplified" that promises simple and intuitive appliance operation and, as a result, a simpler life for the user. Total score awarded to the Gorenje WaveActive washing machine is 91.6%.

New WaveActive generation also wins the Plus X Award

Awards won for the new generation of WaveActive appliances in a number of fields stand witness to the fact that Gorenje WaveActive appliances are an outstanding achievement that combines new technologies, excellent design, energy efficiency, and environmental awareness. Now, we add the Plus X Award 2018/2019 to the tally – an award for innovation and brand excellence. Our WaveActive appliances won the award for their innovativeness, high quality, design, comfort of operation, and environmental friendliness.