Wednesday, 5th June 2024, Velenje, Slovenia

Hisense Europe Soar among the Top Companies Rated by EcoVadis for Exceptional Sustainability Practices

Hisense Europe Soar among the Top Companies Rated by EcoVadis for Exceptional Sustainability Practices

Hisense Europe, the manufacturer of home appliances under the Hisense and Gorenje brands, proudly announces that it has received the prestigious EcoVadis Silver award for 2024. This accolade, which was first awarded last year, reaffirms the company's commitment to sustainability and serves as an encouragement on the path to even more responsible business practices. The company has significantly improved its ranking compared to last year and has placed among the top 11% of companies globally assessed by EcoVadis this year.

EcoVadis represents a globally recognized tool for companies that want to improve their sustainability practices, increase their transparency and credibility in the market, and encourage positive changes in global supply chains. Companies are evaluated through a comprehensive and methodologically defined process that includes the analysis of policies, actions, and reports on environmental management, ethics, sustainable procurement practices, and labor and human rights in companies and along the supply chain.

Hisense Europe’s certificated production locations in Europe, where Hisense and Gorenje brands appliances are made, has significantly improved its ranking within EcoVadis this year, scoring a total of 68 points and placing it among the top 11% of assessed companies.

The improvement is evident with a 6-point increase in the overall score compared to last year, where the company made significant progress in the areas of environmental management (jumping by 20 points) and labor and human rights along the supply chain (jumping by 10 points).

Strategic Steps and Improvements in Key Areas

In the area of environmental responsibility, Hisense Europe has made significant strides by integrating sustainable practices into the core of its business. Achieving ISO 14001 (international standard for environmental management systems) and the even stricter EMAS and implementing the ISO 50001 certification for efficient energy use, demonstrate the company's commitment to reducing environmental impact and increasing resource efficiency. The company's electricity needs in production will also be covered by a planned solar power plant, which will be established by the end of the year.

In the area of labor and human rights, Hisense Europe has updated its labor policies to support a more flexible and fair work environment. The company's proactive measures to combat child labor and human trafficking emphasize its commitment to maintaining human dignity and ensuring safe working conditions. They have obtained the ISO 45001 certification, which aims to establish a safety and health management system, reduce workplace risk, and create better and safer working conditions. They are also taking measures to promote the employment of persons with disabilities and are active in the process of onboarding new employees.

The EcoVadis report upon receiving the award also confirms that Hisense Europe strives to implement high standards of ethics, integrity, and transparency in its operations. Last year, the company established a whistleblower policy, updated its code of conduct, and focused on strengthening educational programs on ethical issues. This reflects the company's determination to operate ethically in all areas of its business.

Although due to stricter criteria in the segment of sustainable procurement the company received slightly fewer points this year compared to last, Hisense Europe emphasizes its commitment to improving its procurement processes. They have begun educating their suppliers on environmental and social sustainability, establishing a sustainable procurement policy, and paying more attention to the responsible sourcing of raw materials or minerals needed for the manufacture of appliances.

Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

As stated by Hisense Europe, the recognition from EcoVadis is a confirmation of the company's continuous efforts and commitment to responsible business practices. In the past year, they have already taken steps toward sustainable reporting under new EU legislation, developed a double materiality matrix, and set ambitious goals for the future.

Among other things, they are working towards reducing energy consumption by optimizing renewable energy, increasing the use of recycled materials in products, reducing waste, promoting sustainable transportation, and establishing more sustainable supply chains. They also aim to use 100% recyclable packaging for their products and recycle 96% of the waste generated in production by the end of this year.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis is a leading provider of business sustainability ratings and assessments, evaluating companies' performance in areas such as environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The EcoVadis certification process includes an in-depth assessment of a company's policies, practices, and performance, which is then scored and ranked against industry peers. The assessment process is rigorous and evaluates companies on a variety of criteria, including environmental management, labour practices, and ethical business conduct. Companies that excel in sustainability are recognized with a Silver, Gold, or Platinum rating, highlighting their commitment to responsible business practices. The EcoVadis rating is recognized as a leading standard for sustainability in the corporate world, providing companies with valuable feedback on their sustainability efforts and opportunities for improvement.