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Gorenje, a Hisense company
Park it in your kitchen
Get ready for new adventures, the new Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge is almost here!
Inspired by the famous Volkswagen van, the Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge will add an instant touch of individual style, freedom and adventure to any kitchen, while keeping food fresh and full of vital nutrients. To support this legend in the making, we developed a toolbox, which includes print, outdoor and POS solutions, image and viral videos, while the social media toolbox will be added in the following days. 

Please keep in mind that all materials featuring this product have to be approved by Volkswagen. If you have any requests or ideas for materials that have not yet been developed, please contact us so that we can run it by Volkswagen first.
Materials on MABAGOR
Image video
Viral video »Parking ticket«
Viral video »Wrong parking«
Full of natural freshness
New generation of Gorenje built-in fridge freezers

When it comes to producing food that is fresh, full of taste and rich in nutritional value, nature has always known best. That is why the new NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers mimic the natural conditions by maintaining the photosynthesis process, controlling the humidity levels and providing fresher air. To enhance your sales efforts the toolbox on Mabagor includes various offline and online marketing tools. 

Materials on MABAGOR
Image video
Promotional video
Landing page
Your local versions
For your local adaptations of any marketing communications material, use our fully qualified and cost effective partner, agency Frajni from Belgrade.

Your contact at Frajni is maja.ristic@frajni.com 

If you have any additonal questions or requests, please contact

Pina Javernik, Project Manager for Concept and Design Lines:
Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager:
Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications: