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Official manual for the European handball sponsorship
I hope you enjoyed summer holidays and that you are ready for the new business and handball season.
We are sending you the link to MABAGOR where you can find our official manual for the markets on the usage of logotypes of both championships in our promotional materials. All materials in which you will use these logotypes have to be sent to us for approval. Additionally, we will archive all the examples and hopefully surprise you with a nice collage at the end of the season.
Manual on MABAGOR
The first major event regarding our sponsorship is the Men`s EHF EURO 2018 and the official tagline for Gorenje`s sponsorship is #simplyfans. We prepared a campaign for sponsorship activation in relevant markets, and many more things to come. However, all 18 markets participating in both championships will receive information in a separate mailing list. If you also want to be regularly updated and are not among the markets directly involved in the competitions, please send us an e-mail to add you to EHF sponsorship mailing list.

Handball markets
Hospitality tickets
We also have cat-tickets and VIP tickets available for you to see the EHF EURO 2018 games with your business partners. In the link below, you can find a ticket request form together with the information about the schedule and possible scenario of teams playing in the main rounds. Please feel free to send back the ticket request form by e-mail to by the end of September 2017.
Ticket request form
Pass the ball!
If you have questions, comments or requests, please get in touch:

Edita Gabrič, Project Manager for European Handball sponsorship:
Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager: 
Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications:
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