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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
We prepared a new series of brand image photography, related to key Gorenje products. With new photo style language, we aimed to bring experience of Life Simplified into brand communication.  
Moments, made by Gorenje and captured in every photography with people serve as a proof that we provide ideas for Life Simplified and enable our customers experiencing their daily tasks much smoother. 
  • Brand image photography with people: landscape and portrait
  • Brand image photography with product in focus: landscape and portrait

To cover all touch points and all different tools and formats – off and on line.

Model rights: 5 years, regionally unlimited; Channels: Web, POS, Advertising, Catalogues 

Please check the Mabagor database to reach the photography and see the pdf document with direct links to the chosen photography. In the document “Gorenje Brand - new photo style” a detailed definition and explanation is included. 

Gorenje new photo style
Together with the experts, we developed Gorenje sound as an essential part of the Gorenje brand identity that brings our brand promise Life Simplified into musical form. With that, we are among the first in our industry. The Gorenje sound branding ensures that Gorenje customers will notice, recognize and recall the Gorenje brand whenever it is heard. 

Please check the Gorenje Sound Manual PPT document where you could directly download following:

  • The „Gorenje Sound logo“  - (3 options: sound; sound & speak - Gorenje; sound & speak - Gorenje Life Simplified) 
  • The „Gorenje Hero music theme“ – for brand image videos 
  • The „Gorenje Hub & Help music theme“ – for videos related to product benefits; technical videos;  recipes and tips & tricks videos
Gorenje Sound Manual
Usage of the Gorenje Sound Logo and music themes is mandatory!

Music rights: Europe; TV and digital; timewise unlimited.

See solutions with new music and sound logo on following links:

Gorenje Life Simplified inspirational video: 
Life Simplified video ENG
Life Simplified TV Ad
Life Simplified video SLO

In collaboration with different working areas, we prepared a comprehensive presentation for Gorenje Brand. Main chapters: Our origin; Our past; Our present; Our unique DNA; Part of Gorenje Group; Proofs of excellence; Gorenje brand customer value; Gorenje brand product portfolio; Gorenje brand product highlights.

Please check the content on Mabagor: 

Gorenje Highlights
We will keep informing you about updates.
Any questions related to Gorenje brand product highlights, please refer to Boštjan Dermol – Gorenje Product Marketing


If you have any additional questions or requests, please contact:

Irena Knez, Brand Identity Manager:

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications:

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