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Social media pack for December!
Social Media Simplified! It takes a lot of time and resources to prepare content for all your social media channels, so in order to optimize marketing budgets, we will be preparing monthly proposals for social media posts. This means you will be able to spend less on content creation and more on content distribution. 

On the links below, you will find a complete weekly calendar for December with one month's worth of posts for Facebook, Instagram and the Life Simplified blog. Of course, you can also add your local content or replace the content, which is not relevant for your local market. 
Blog posts
Going forward, you can expect a new social media pack every month on the 20th at the latest (so on Dec 20th, you will get the pack for January) with even more weekly posts. As we want to make content that is efficient and continually evolving, we look forward to your feedback on what works best in your social media channels and your suggestions for improvement. 
For more information, please contact:

Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager:
Pina Javernik, Project Manager for Design & Concept Lines:
Tanja Mimović, Project Manager:

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