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SDA NEWSletter: Mix & blend into the spring with the best kitchen helpers
A must-have for your kitchen
It’s time to brighten up your days and treat your dearest to something special :) With the new and yet so classic Gorenje Hand mixers M450W and M450B, you can make your baking experience even more fun. They are the perfect solution for all your mixing needs, and you can choose from 5 speed levels, use the pulse function or the turbo button for an immediate boost of power. Carefully designed stainless steel beaters and dough hooks are suitable for mixing, beating, whipping and kneading. They can be easily and conveniently washed in a dishwasher. Already in stock. 
Presentation M450B & M450W
Enjoy hands-free mixing
Dreaming about hands-free mixing? With Gorenje Hand mixers M450BS and M450WS you can enjoy the dual function of the appliance: as a hand mixer or as a stand mixer. This is the perfect choice for daily baking in a busy kitchen where there is a lot to do. You will have enough time to cook your perfect meal and make a dessert as well. Just add the ingredients into the bowl and the stand mixer will do everything else. The bowl (made from durable plastic or premium glass, depending on the model) rotates and enables you to monitor the mixing process. It is wide enough to allow easily adding ingredients. Available soon.

Presentation M450WS
Presentation M450BS
Variety of blending tricks
We have extended the range of hand blenders with two essential models: Gorenje Hand blender HBX600W and HBX601W. They both include double action blade that cuts vertically and horizontally for perfect results. Hand blenders also feature an economical & durable DC motor, 2 speeds, and a 700-ml blending jug. Available soon.
Also, don’t forget the Hand blender HBX804VS Vario speed, which enables total control over blending: the more you press the button, the faster it goes! Durable 800 W DC motor is energy-efficient and designed for a long useful life. Besides blending and whisking attachment blender also includes convenient holder and chopper with a bowl.
Presentation HBX600W
Presentation HBX804VS
Presentation HBX601W
Video tip – DIY mayo
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