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Content marketing on Gorenje social media channels – Embrace #lifesimplified

As you could notice in the previous months –  At headquarters, we are creating content for your markets, which is based on research about our consumers. We want to provide the content they can relate to. Following the four pillars: food, home, family, chores we are covering different target groups: the efficient, the modest, the demanding, the conscious and the joyful. 

Our main goal is to develop our own channels
, which can help us optimize costs, and strongly support (and push) sales. 

Content Creation
The rise of Instagram

Since Instagram already has 800 million users, and counting, we have done an overview to see where we stand with Gorenje Instagram accounts (see below). In addition, in November 2017 we have created the @gorenje_global account, where everything is about #lifesimplified. Since Instagram itself is growing and still developing, we are all constantly learning about it. Anyhow, there is still plenty of untapped potential:)

Instagram overview

It is essential, that we are consistent with our presence and content, as well as with our brand message and visual appearance. Always when preparing the content for our own channels, bear in mind that we have a Visual Identity System Manual, which we should all use, in addition we have summed up some general Guidelines for Instagram, we hope you find them useful ;)

Don’t forget this is a relaxed channel, with young users, so let’s try to make our posts relaxed and funny as well:)

Instagram Guidelines

In case you have any ideas or feedback related to social media content or Instagram, you are invited to share your thoughts with tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com.

In case you have any suggestions or comments for our @gorenje_global account, feel free to write to us, and let’s co-create our common global account;) 

It’s time to step up and give our social media channels a boost:)!


For more information, please contact:

Tanja Mimović, Project Manager: tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com

Pina Javernik, Project Manager for Design & Concept Lines: pina.javernik@gorenje.com 

Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager: Tjasa.Kobalanzur@gorenje.com

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