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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  

Thank you for your orders of business gifts for Gorenje brand. All together we have received orders for more than 36.000 items from 22 different units. Most of the gifts have been already delivered, the longest delivery time is for Fashion Notebooks (arriving this week) and water bottles (middle of August).

We hope that the gifts put smile to your clients and employees` faces and that they have met their goal to show appreciation. 


Since the new season will start soon, we are already collecting orders for #simplyfans cheering jerseys.
Price is approximately 13,00 EUR per piece
Deadline for orders is July 27, 2018.

Moreover, we would also like to kindly remind you that we have on stock the following gifts bags that can be delivered promptly if you might need it:

  • LARGE Gorenje Life simplified gift bag with satin ribbon handle – price 1 EUR/piece (L)
  • SMALL Gorenje Life simplified gift bag with satin ribbon handle tape – pirce 0,86EUR/piece (S)
  • SMALL Gorenje Ora Ito gift bag – price 1,42 EUR/piece (S)

Please place your orders directly to our project manager (Edita.Gabric@gorenje.com).

For more information, please contact:

Edita Gabrič, Project Manager: Edita.Gabric@gorenje.com
Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager: Tjasa.KobalAnzur@gorenje.com
Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications: Alenka.potocnikanzic@gorenje.com

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