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SDA NEWSLetter: The best harvest season
Let’s reap the autumn rewards
Autumn is the season of the harvest, when we reap what we planted. It is the time to gather nature’s bounty, the fruits and vegetables, the grains and nuts. We eat them with gratitude, but also preserve them for the coming cold winter months. And what a better way to preserve them than to use the fine quality food dryer FDK 24DW and vacuum sealer VS 120W that will prolong the juiciness of natural taste! Or maybe just mix together the fresh flavours with lovely hand blender HBX 884QE that will assure you joy in a fine autumn meal.
VS 120W
Warm your body and soul
Since the air outside is cooler and dryer, the cup of hot tea can warm our body. Not to mention warming of our heart when we use cute and handy kettles K 17WII, K 17I and K 17FE from our hot seasonal cooking assortment. Along with freshly made and deliciously tasty sandwich from our hot sandwich makers SM 701I and SMK 703BK, you’ll be ready to make most from this highest selling season. 
K 17I
K 17FE
SM 701I
Home smoothness
The colours change brilliantly all around us – and it’s nice to observe them from warm homes, where everything is neat and clean. Including your fabrics. Steam iron SIH 2200GC will assure the colours of your clothes stay vibrant and vivant and all the garments in your home will not carry any wrinkles.  
SIH 2200GC
Remember, it’s the best harvest season of the year –  time of high demand of your buyers and time of best sales deals. Be ready and enjoy the autumn harvest!

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