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Social media pack for November

This month, cosy is what it's all about! Comfort food recipes, blog posts on how to make the most of the coming season and OmniFlex induction hobs. You can find the new materials on the links below: 

Simplyfans social media content
As promised last month, we have also prepared some #simplyfans content that you can incorporate into your local social media calendars. You can find it on the link below: 
SimplyFans content
Make your IG stories fun by adding the Gorenje GIF stickers;)
We're happy to inform you that you can now use official Gorenje GIFs stickers in your stories! When you're creating a Story on Instagram, just select the GIF button and type in gorenje. 

Now, all that's left for you to do is select the one that you like:)
For more information, please contact:

Tjaša Kobal Anžur, Senior Project Manager: tjasa.kobalanzur@gorenje.com
Pina Javernik, Project Manager for Design & Concept Lines: pina.javernik@gorenje.com
Tanja Mimović, Project Manager: tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com
Edita Gabrič, Project Manager for #simplyfans: edita.gabric@gorenje.com

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