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SDA Newsletter: Autumn Beauty reveals new products
Did you hear the new season click?
We did. Just before the first leaves fell from the trees, there was something in the air that clicked. Autumn has arrived.;) We are bathing in the new colors, which, enlightened with sun rays, reveal the true beauty of our nature.  What if we enhance it with your own definition of beauty?  We can give you some necessary ingredients for it.
Beauty-full you
Halloween time is great for experimenting with your hair style. Dare to be unapologetically you. Our Beauty Family is ready to help you. New members are already here, but some are still planned to come out and show you their strengths.  We are sure you'll enjoy in their trendy colors and easy to use mode. 

The presentations include some suggestions for Social Media posts and banners, so check them out with keen eye!
New models!
HD 223PB
HD 152BU
A slice of creative fun

So much beauty and fun, having friends in the house! Gathered around the delicious finger food, surrounded with warmth and smiles, you can simply enjoy the autumn. To prepare food faster and more creatively, use your best NEW friend – Gorenje Food slicer R 401W that features a high-quality Solingen blade and BPA-free housing or R 607A with specially designed two in one Solingen blade, Made in EU. Both will give your food preparation even more creativity.

R 401W
R 607A
Cold days and warm sandwiches

Few can resist a sandwich toasted to golden perfection. There's a certain beauty in warming your hands and bellies with it on a chill autumn day. So, here is our suggestion for a fine Halloween sandwich.

Autumn Love 
Wash the skin of the pumpkin and slice it to half, from top to bottom. Scoop out the seeds and place the pumpkin halves in a large baking dish, face down. Fill the dish with ½ cup water then bake the pumpkin for 1 hour. When ready, cool it a bit, then scoop out the flesh.
Slather butter on the outside of the sliced bread. Scoop some of the cooked pumpkin flesh on the bottom of one slice. Place a layer of sliced apple on the pumpkin. Add the sliced cheddar cheese then a handful of arugula. Use one of Gorenje Sandwich Makers and enjoy!

Nikola Karabatič #simplyfans joins in too :)
SM 701I


You want to feel more SDA beauty?

Gorenje Handblender HBX 804VS Vario Speed has appeared among 20 Best Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have || New Kitchen Gadgets. You can see its beauty in the VIDEOStart watching at 1:13 min.

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