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SDA Newsletter: Special offers until the end of the year!
Enhancing Gorenje brand with Christmas spirit
When considering gifts for your business partners, friends or family, choose from Gorenje SDA gift products range. Our corporate gift catalogue is full of fine options and there is also a special line of SDA products available. Check them out and see how they will make someone's christmas wishes come true! 
Special SDA offer exclusively for accelerating MDA sales: only until the end of the year!
Small appliances can add a big value when speaking sales.  So, take a chance, create a fine bundle and go for the results – you have time till the end of this year. :) We prepared a range of Gorenje SDA appliances that you can choose from when making special offers for Gorenje MDA actions: buy MDA and get a free SDA along! This very favourable offer is intended to promote an obsolete stock. Wobblers for this specific use are included, so you are all ready for smooth acting on your market.  And take a guess: what goes best with washing machine? 
For all the info about the prices for that offer, please, contact your sales manager:
Enjoy in 'gift spirit'!
Your SDA team

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