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SDA Newsletter: HEAD UP, we are setting new trends in 2019!
Changes are constant part of life and we are very much aware they can push our limits. But that’s a good thing, as we want to make sure they’ll set new trends and make life more connected, healthy and enjoyable!
A special line HEAD by Gorenje

Gorenje and HEAD, the leading sporting goods brand, present a special line of small yet action-packed appliances HEAD by Gorenje that will make the journey to a healthier lifestyle a lot more simplified and enjoyable: powerful 2 in 1 Nutri Sport blender B1200 HEADB / W and the easy to use kitchen scale KT10 HEADB / W that can also connect to a smart mobile app HEAD by Gorenje

Healthy and delicious smoothies shared by the HEAD athletes are waiting for you to discover. A healthy and active lifestyle has never been so smooth!

Product Presentation
APP Presentation
Stay in trend with Life Collection

We make life simplified, you make it perfect. With Life Collection you will always stay in trend. So, grab the opportunity from existing appliances and make them stars on your market. We are ready for your orders! Soon, the line will be richer for new effective, easy to use and carefully designed small kitchen helpers: 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker, Kettle, Table Grill, Blender and Hand Blender. You’ll enjoy the use of them, for sure!

Food Dehydrator
Smoothie Maker
Sandwich Makers
Welcome HVAC!

The comfort of our homes just got bigger. We are happy to welcome part of HVAC products into our team. From now on you can add air treatment (dehumidifiers, air purifiers), heating (electrical heaters, oil radiators, panel heaters…), ventilation (bathroom fans, freestanding fans…), bathroom radiators, gas water heaters, solid fuel boiler and outdoor grills to your assortment. Together with you they will help us grow further!

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Špela Menih Novak: spela.menihnovak@gorenje.com

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