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SDA Newsletter: FOCUS AND GO!
Your opportunity for promo offers
In order to reach the high potential of 'The Harvest' time of the year, we would like to invite you to put your focus on the obsolete and go for the sales of SDA appliances that are still on the stock. We highly recommend you reaching to your sales representatives that will give you all the info about special offers and more.

Check it out with:
Uroš Brunčič:
Matjaž Gašper:
Be ready: Black Friday is approaching
This year Black Friday is arriving on November 29th and we want you to be ready for it. As you see from the data above, Black Friday dominates the season for Domestic Appliances and the discounts trigger consumers to make much more online purchases.  What is the offer you will make to your consumers? Think, innovate, sell.
The news is spreading
The German market is getting to really like our HEAD by Gorenje collection, as we have already been featured in quite some fine media. You can see how we are presented in the following media: 

In addition to the above, there are more media contacts in the run. So, take this as an opportunity to extend your PR to other markets and use it for pushing the sales to the next level.  

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Špela Menih Novak:

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