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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Marketing colleagues from across Europe,

Some of you are working with Hisense brand for a while now, and some of you are just about to get to know it. Having this in mind, as well as receiving many inquiries from you, we prepared a document with information about available Hisense marketing assets uploaded on Mabagor. 


The assets are either provided by Hisense HQ Marketing dept. (based in Qingdao) or produced by our department (Hisense Marketing Communication department, based in Velenje). 

Since the full integration of Gorenje to Hisense Group is in process, there is a lot of different flows of information. Hopefully, with regular distribution of this Newsletter, you will find it easier to navigate through all the marketing topics, related to Hisense brand communication. 

Kind regards, 

Hisense Marketing Communications (MaC) department, based in Velenje.

Link to presentation

In order to click through the presentation, you need access to Mabagor. In case you do not have it yet, please contact Elizabeta Biluš ( and she will grant you one. 

For additional information please contact:

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, 

Tanja Mimović,