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Double benefit

Do you know the benefit of double wall in kettles? Cool touch exterior means safety and all stainless-steel interior ensures no plastic parts touch your hot water. Our Double Wizz buddy K 15DWB has it all, so it’s on you to give it a shout-out on the market. There is ‘double’ hidden also in the Turkish coffee maker TCM 330W / B. It doesn't matter if you are right or left-handed, at home or in the office – you will find it always ready to use. ;) Another great ‘double’ that you can use on the market: double plate that suits all cooking needs. Reversible grill & griddle will take care of every aspect of your grilling experience and our great Table grill TG 2000CB will take care of it. Are you ready to expose all double benefits on the market?

TCM 330B
TCM 330W
TG 2000CB
Make your Carnival Move!

Mardi Gras is an opportunity to be a bit more playful. So, enjoy but remember – after the carnival you can make your move with Freestyle Move! ;) Motor up SVC 219FMW is a perfect choice to clean up festive confetti and stay playful while doing it. ;) Market will confirm, we assure. 2 in 1: handheld or upright position, bagless and cordless with strong 21.9 V Li-ion battery for up to 60 min of vacuuming are some of its benefits. You can use them well for this Carnival Move!

And keep in mind: Gorenje vacuum cleaner sticks (SVC144FW, SVC144FBK, SVC180FW, SVC216FR, SVC216FS, SVC216GFW, SVC252GFA, SVC219FMW) are ready for you, too! ;)

Gorenje Retro Collection in the center of Paris!

If you are in Paris, stroll down the center with your eyes wide open. Our strategic partner in the French market, Boulanger, has decided to set up the display window with Gorenje Retro Collection during the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship, which has proven to be very successful in the past. The exposure of appliances in the center of the French capital is important for Hisense Gorenje, as we have also recently started selling small domestic appliances under Gorenje brand in this market.

Use details for stepping out of the crowd. You know, it matters.

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