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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Red. Dot. Awardee.

We already shared the news that we got a very valuable design related award – Red Dot – for our hero, Stick Vacuum Cleaner Gorenje G∙FORCE FREE SVC 252GFA SUPER POWER!

To keep the spirit high, we prepared the fine TOOLBOX with marketing material you can use to confidently spread this fine news through the markets. Check it out! 

Let's Cheer together!

When journeying outside is not possible, it is a good time for a journey inside. On the way, you can discover a great new product that will help you stay in bright mood. Meet the Digital Air Fryer AF 1409DB, your new versatile kitchen helper and discover a whole new variety of delicious tastes and aromas. Healthier frying because of little or no oil needed, 3.5 l bowl capacity, temperature control from 80° C to 200° C and 9 preset programs will for sure maintain your good mood and give you something to cheer to. We can #stayhome easily but still #cheertogether!

How to use? So!

We all need a little help with 'get this thing going', don't we? One thing is a user manual, but not everybody wants to read it. So, we upgraded it to a vivid and kind of fun version of virtual video assistance. This is our new 'How to use' type of videos, applied to our timely kitchen helper Nutri Blender BN 1200AL, that can spread the good word about the simple use and well-being effect of our kitchen hero. How to use it? Simply share with your Social Media audience, as well as other online channels and boost it with SM posts ready for you.

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Andreja Cepuš: andreja.cepus@gorenje.com

Špela Menih Novak: spela.menihnovak@gorenje.com

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