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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear colleagues from Hisense Europe,

Hello again, Hisense Europe people, we’re still here and going strong and we hope you are as well. Let’s dig right into today’s newsletter.

Remember the game “Simon says”? Well, in Product Management in Gorenje, Slovenia, they play that game every day, as Simon is their boss! And Simon says “No retreat, no surrender!”. Read all about their exciting new projects and how well they’re doing working from home during the coronavirus epidemics. Simon also says well done, team! No retreat in the Benelux either, as Jeroen from ATAG Netherlands will explain in the video. They are focusing on online marketing and for better communication they created their own Corona Communication online internal platform that is a great success among ATAG colleagues. Their technicians are connecting with the customers via video calls so they’re doing everything to provide customer service and stay safe from coronavirus at the same time.

The major shift, caused by coronavirus, is towards faster digitalization and e-commerce. Our top management in Hisense Group set up a strong e-commerce team lead by the President of the Hisense Group, to speed up overseas e-commerce implementation and make this step forward, winning benefits for the company. Check out the news from the Hisense world for more information.

If you’re feeling peckish after all that reading, go check out today’s quarantine product of the day – the new ASKO 5-in-1 combi oven. We guarantee it will make you drool, not only because of the tasty food in the video, but also because it’s kind of a superhero – compact but competent. Just like your editorial team.

We’re wishing you a productive week and we’ll see you soon!


The 5-in-1 combi oven from ASKO is the perfect example of how we try to make life at home more enjoyable. Five different heating methods in one single and compact oven let you bring out your creativity and experience new ways of cooking. Full steam, microwaves, heat, combination oven/microwaves and combination oven/steam - compact but competent. Go make great food!