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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear colleagues,

although governments have begun reducing restrictions implemented to stop the spreading of COVID-19, we are still working under special circumstances. With quick adjustments to the new situation and with team spirit, internal teams are trying to successfully overcome daily obstacles in order to meet the planned goals.

As Boštjan Pečnik, responsible for R&D, mentions in today’s letter of encouragement, continued R&D activities are a key competence in developing innovative solutions also in these times. With more than 20 projects in the pipeline, he exposed as an interesting challenge the development of cooking appliances for American market. These appliances are to be produced in the Mexico plant from the first half of 2021 and the cross -functional team is determined to achieve this milestone.

Let us stay in the USA, to check what is going on with the Vidaa project. As Jeremy Jones mentioned in his video interview, they are now helping their partners, who are a part of Vidaa platform (Netflix, Amazon, Google, YouTube and many smaller players) with full support needed to deliver the platform to the market. With great cooperation of the Hisense HQ team, which is very open and supportive, they are now developing creative solutions to be ready when the situation will return to normal again. 

In COVID-19 time you cannot go to the cinema, but the cinema can come to your home. Meet some interesting benefits provided by Laser TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution and great audio performance. Check our quarantine product of the day and think about enjoying its advantages also in your home.

Have a pleasant day and see you soon with more interesting news. 


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