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Influencer Marketing
How an influencer can serve the brand and its business? Why inviting them on board would you ask? It is simply because they enjoy great trust among their loyal followers, sharing with them common interests, believes and lifestyle. The proven truth is that followers believe influencer more than brand itself (the power of word of mouth). With their help we can have a better access to the desired target group and as a brand we can build awareness, trust and reputation. All this will help us increase market shares and achieve better sales results. But not every influencer is good for the brand, so clearly defined criteria for recruiting them are the second most important task after setting the clear goal. Besides being a relevant storyteller, the content shared by influencers need to be aligned as much as possible with the brand core value, delivered through the products, services and communication. 

In this regard Marketing team prepared a detailed guideline, supported with some already existing examples from our best practice (Czech and Slovenia). Project was led by Paula Cardenas Mahne.  You should consider this toolbox as a helpful tool to identify relevant local influencers and establish an effective cooperation with them to achieve better brand performance (reputation and sales).
Influencer Marketing toolbox
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