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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Europe Colleagues,

let’s take a closer look at our Design department, a small but highly dedicated and passionate team of 18 people, feeling competent also compared to much bigger competitors’ teams. They are covering product design for all product groups and MID brands but also UI design for ConnectLife apps. Lidija Pritržnik, a Design leader, believes that design lies in the crossroad of users, business and technology. Therefore, good work together means better understanding of the customers on the first place but also of each other in order to do the job at its best.

An interesting interview with Dime Rangelov, responsible for Asko Russia, reveals how they face the COVID-19 situation which is still very serious issue there. Since their business is related mainly to the Kitchen retail, where the furniture production takes 2 to 3 months, they are doing surprisingly good, but expecting some issues in May and June. Anyway, they are staying quite positive since they believe that customers interest for feeling good at home in relation with more premium products, will not decline drastically.

Adapting to the new situation we explore some more options how to contribute to the Gorenje brand reputation and better sales. Thoughtfully chosen local influencers can help us reach the right target group via their social media channels. They enjoy great trust among their loyal followers, and it is proven that people believe influencer advices more than they believe separate brand. Check interesting reading about who Gorenje influencers already are and what kind of a nice stuff we are doing with them.

After more than 2 months of working from home, most of us are coming back to the usual busy daily regime, so time saving devices will be a good consideration. Check benefits of Gorenje microwave ovens, supporting you from early morning to the late evening meals.

Have a great weekend and stay connected! There is some more to be told.


Back to the usual for the most of us. Haste, lack of time, hungry eyes… Gorenje microwave ovens get the job done perfectly every time, making your life a little simpler from early morning until late in the evening. Either to prepare a morning tea, quickly defrost frozen food, reheat leftovers or even cook a full meal. It will fit beautifully into your kitchen, but it is its easy usage that will make it indispensable.