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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Europe Colleagues,

with today’s words of encouragement, we are moving to the north, to check out how our Nordic team is tackling the situation in these challenging times. Niels Bille, their Managing director, explains how quickly they adapted to the situation although they are probably the most complex organisation within the Group in Europe, covering all brands for 5 Nordic and Asko brand for 3 Baltic countries. Niels says they were/are busy more than ever due to the intensive collaboration with main customers, process optimization and costs and cashflow management, to reduce the negative crisis effects. The team is convinced that the situation will improve and in 3rd quarter they expect to continue with planned activities related to cooking school and communication of UEFA EURO 2021, since Copenhagen will be one of the hosting cities.

Let’s move now across the map to North Macedonia, a traditional market where people are experiencing the purchase of home appliances as a family event. Take a look at an interesting interview with Mirjana Majnova, Managing director of Gorenje DOOEL, to find out how they are facing strict measures and issues like liquidity. They expected economic crisis will follow the health crisis. Anyhow, they are pushing activities very hard, communicating and motivating business partners to meet the targets. They achieved progress in e-commerce business (represents still only 1% of total market sales), especially through Gorenje online sales in April. The most valuable lesson for the team is that they have to act fast, be agile and able to adjust to the new working conditions. They are staying positive and focused.

Our product of the day is a Hisense branded new freestanding fridge-freezer, made from high-quality materials, serving as a perfect storage to a bigger quantity of your food. These appliances are reliable, energy efficient and able to preserve all the vital nutrients.

Stay tuned and see you again this Friday.


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