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What are small but important things in your life?

Besides the values, relationships and nature, we do appreciate the benefits of small and simple ways to empower our well-being. Here are few home helpers, suitable for online boosting with personal touch.

Breeze that comforts

A brand new Gorenje Humidifier H 45W MystBreeze is coming soon to impress you. With cool mist for unique atmosphere, latest ultrasonic technology and super silent capacity, your home air quality will improve immensely. As humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, lips and ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold, this is practically a must have in every online store…and home.

Clean air – clear thinking

Fresh and energizing air in the bedroom, living room or in the office is almost a must, nowadays. Gorenje Air purifier AP500 SenseAir is a perfect choice for rooms up to 60 m2. It is easy to move around and improves indoor air quality wherever it’s needed. Your well-being assured and your thinking process accelerated.  

A perfect cup of tea counts

Good tea is as important as fresh air. And a great kettle takes its stand here. The two Gorenje kettles: K 17G and K 17GLBW are ready to shine online. Equipped with fine content that will help them stand out in any social media, online store, or wherever you place it. We prepared the Social Media Pack that will help you with the task.

Social Media Pack
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