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Dear Hisense Europe Colleagues,

today we're first taking you to the Eastern Europe, to the region of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Their manager, Gregor Gržina writes about the new reality with preventive measures in place which meant the whole business activity had to be transferred to the online market. Since omni-channel approach has already been dominant in that region, with the online market already having a very high market share prior to the crisis, that gave them a good understanding of the opportunity and potential the online market offers. »Every crisis has an end point; we need to stay focused and keep our heads high,« says Gregor. We couldn’t agree more.

In today's short video interview, Sašo Uratarič tells us some interesting facts about his very diverse region and coronavirus. While in Turkmenistan they don't have any preventive measures at all, in some other countries like Georgia, Armenia etc. they closed everything, even online shops. »These markets are a little bit different than other European markets,« says Sašo, and personal meetings with business partners are very important, but even during lockdown they managed to keep in contact and solve some of the issues that appeared. »It's like marriage, you're together in good times and in bad times,« concludes Sašo.

Next, let's go to the Canton Fair! You're all invited, as it is only a click away, like many other similar events this year that had to be organized online. Hisense has some exciting new products to share, check out the fabulous Trichroma laser TV, screen sound laser TV and self-rising screen laser TV and stay tuned!

Over the weekend, you will probably do some serious cooking, so here's a tip for you: our product of the day, Gorenje OmniFlex induction hob, delivers a truly streamlined cooking experience every time. Whether preparing a meal for yourself or cooking for the whole family, Gorenje OmniFlex makes it simple, intuitive and convenient.

Enjoy the weekend and we'll see you next week!


Whether preparing a meal for yourself or cooking for the whole family, Gorenje induction hobs deliver a truly streamlined cooking experience every time. With a myriad of finely tuned features that simplify your interaction with the cooking surface, preparing meals has never been more simple, intuitive or convenient.  Check the benefits of AreaFlex, AutoDetect or IQprogrammes for a perfect cooking result and a great culinary enjoyment.