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How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Marketing Performance

Without analyzing your website traffic, it’s hard to assess the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy and know when it’s time to make a shift.


Google Analytics can provide valuable insight into who visits your website, how they got there in the first place and what pages they spend the most time on. Through use of Google Analytics, you can uncover a tremendous amount of data about your website that can be used to enhance your marketing and business development strategies. You'll also become more confident in relationship with local agencies. ;)


We want to simplify your first steps into the analytics world and we're sharing:

  • Google Analytics online course for beginners
  • Digital marketing measurement strategy
Do not sign in Google Analytics, if you do not have clear questions.

Without knowing which sections to pay attention to, you could spend hours digging through the platform and walk away with your head spinning. :) Start with GA course for beginners and in next steps stick to RACE measurement strategy. 

For more information, please contact:

Darja Medić, Project Manager:

Urška Jan, Digital Projects Manager:

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications

Vladimir Nardin, Head of Digitalization Department

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