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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Europe colleagues,

let us take a closer look into the secret ingredients of the Small Domestic Appliances department's success. Small team of 21 people covers everything, from product definition, purchase, marketing and sales, always alert for new opportunities. Good customer insights and close ties with all partners enable them to run the business effectively. Due to the crisis people are forced to prepare meals at home which turned out as a great opportunity for better online sales of small domestic appliances (an absolute sales winner was the breadmaker). SDA Team believes that experience of buying online will have a positive impact on the whole e-Commerce industry development.

In today’s video interview with Darko Vukčević we are moving to Montenegro, where sales depend a lot on tourism in summer season, which is, due to the COVID-19, under a big question right now.  Anyhow, he is convinced that they will overcome this situation more smoothly since Gorenje has a very high reputation and extremely good brand awareness on this market. They have strong distribution channels but very poor own e-Commerce, therefore the biggest challenge for them was how to improve abilities for online sales. Darko concludes that the lesson they all have learned is that family comes first, as well as little things that help simplify lives.  

Read also interesting news about Hisense and AliExpress strategic cooperation agreement, signed at the end of May. The main goal is to explore overseas retail markets, focusing mostly on Russia, Spain and France first.

Our product of the day is the collection of small kitchen helpers, designed by French designer Ora Ïto. You should experience the cooking efficiency with blenders, mixers, toasters and kitchen scales. An add-on is the unified and elegant design. Products are ergonomic, easy to handle and come in black or white colour. A perfect gift for yourself or for someone truly dear to you.

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Everything is possible with the collection of small kitchen appliances created by the famous French designer Ora Ïto. They are as simple and intuitive as possible and integrate the best that technology has to offer.

In a kitchen equipped with Gorenje by Ora ïto appliances, you are the magician and these appliances are your new assistants. Blend, mix, weigh and create with the greatest ease. The range includes blenders, hand blenders, hand mixers, kettles, kitchen scales and toasters, all available in black or white with metal additions, with user-friendly design for a better and more comfortable grip and handling. Feel them. Touch them. And enjoy the timeless perfection of elegant design