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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Europe colleagues,

the corona crisis is slowly calming, and our lives are returning to normal.

In the new section “Video of Encouragement”, Hannah Jackson, Hisense Gorenje presenter at numerous media events, including CES in Las Vegas, contacted us from London. She describes some of her interesting moments during the quarantine lockdown, but she admits she misses the frequent trips that were part of her daily life before the crisis. She is optimistic about the future and points out how important it is to keep safe and be kind to each other.

Find out more about how VIDAA team made huge steps in the previous months and the new generation of VIDAA became a hit on the market. They launched the new VIDAA U4, with the UEFA.TV application, which provides free highlights from all UEFA competitions and various games. Definitely something for football fans. New VIDAA U4 will also include a video platform Facebook Watch, where high quality shows from the likes of Will Smith or Mike Rowe, as well as short-form content from content creators from all over the globe will be a guarantee that the Watch application will become a staple in the homes of many people. The app will be available mid-June on all U4 devices globally and is expanding to U3 devices by July.

Our product of the day is Gorenje Air purifier AP500 Sense Air. A great choice for boosting your good mood and bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

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Fresh and energizing air at home or in the office is almost a must, nowadays. Gorenje Air purifier AP500 SenseAir is a perfect choice for rooms up to 60 m2. It is easy to move around and it improves indoor air quality wherever it’s needed. Double filter system with two H13 HEPA filters, complete with a layer of activated carbon granules, capture odors and harmful toxins. It is perfect for filtering out particles, pet dander, smoke and so on, ensuring that your space is nice and clean.  When used in combination with ionic technology, it will give you most efficient effect. Your well-being will be assured, and your thinking process accelerated.  What a cool way of boosting your good mood!