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Dear Hisense Europe colleagues,

In today’s video interview in “News from Hisense world” we talked to Simone Galeazzi, director of ASKO Global Sales. Simone is from Italy, one of the nations that were hit the most by the global coronavirus pandemic. He describes that life there has practically stopped but they manage to adapt to a new situation by having more meetings than usual. In fact, a lot of colleagues and customers stayed longer at work or worked mostly from home therefore it was easier to schedule mutual daily tasks. He emphasizes how important it is to have the right business model and a good example are ASKO professional dishwashers which gave a real boost to their sales in May. He is convinced that crisis has taught us how to leverage from digitalization and how to master our living environment where we had to establish our little comfort zones and office at the same place.

We have also some breaking news: the management of Hisense has confirmed the decision to establish a new TV set factory in Velenje, in one of the existing production halls. About 350 employees will manufacture TV sets under the Hisense brand, intended for the European market. The factory will be set up by the end of this year, and production will start in January. In the first year it will produce 1.5 million TV sets, and in the following phases up to 4 million TV sets per year.

Our Quarantine Product of the day
is Hisense Single Built-in Oven with Steam Add function. This function is perfect for making homemade bread, buns and baguettes. You simply add water into the tray and select one of the Steam functions for the best bread you’ve ever made. A great choice for all of you who became Master of Baking during the corona crisis.

Enjoy the newsletter and have a successful week.


Hisense Single Built-in Oven with Steam Add function

What type of a bread do you like most? Any, as long as it is crispy on the outside and airy on the inside is pretty much a good answer. Some Hisense ovens now offer new Steam Add function which works with three different steam intensities. It’s perfect for making homemade bread, buns, baguettes and then some. Simply add 2 dcl water into the tray and select one of the Steam functions for the best bread you’ve ever made.