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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Share your review and win practical award!
Hello dear colleagues,

Hisense Gorenje Europe has recorded positive results and we would like to thank you for your contribution. Together, we proved we have the right answers to present day challenges, and we are confident each one of us will keep doing our part in the future, as well.

We are writing to you today to ask you for a small task, which can - if done collectively - have a huge impact on our sales figures and ensure positive news like the one mentioned above in the coming months and years. As someone who is putting heart and soul into our products, knows them inside and out, and most probably use them daily, we kindly ask you to share your experience with your Gorenje products on our website by writing a review. 

Why are we asking you to do that? Nowadays, the first thing we do when buying a new product is to check for reviews. We trust real people more than we trust brands! As a company which is putting consumers at the heart of everything we do, we need to provide them with customer feedback and do everything we can to reassure them before buying. This will not only make us more trustworthy, it will boost sales, as well! 

We would like to engage all of you, our valued employees and above all, our most important brand ambassadors to fulfill this initiative and provide until, 8thof September, a product review here.

Among all submitted product reviews, we will select 25 comments which are the most useful for our potential buyers and reward them with a symbolic but useful Gorenje branded gift. The only criteria for selecting is the usefulness of the comment not the height of the grade. 

For more information, please contact:

Paula C├írdenas Mahne, Project Manager:

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