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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  

We have prepared 6 videos with product introduction for Hisense appliances, four for different types of ovens, one for flexible hob and one for freestanding fridge-freezer. You can check them on Youtube or download them from Mabagor with text to translate. Use them on your website or send them to your retailer. This is really a valuable asset because it introduces the appliance in more detail and you get a clearer picture of its benefits.

See videos on YouTube
Link to videos on Mabagor

Along with videos, we have also prepared some lifestyle and feature photos for new single built-in ovens with Steam Add function. This function works with three different steam intensities. It’s perfect for making homemade bread, buns, baguettes and then some. Simply add 2 dcl water into the tray and select one of the Steam functions for the best bread you’ve ever made.

Explore feature photos
Check out lifestyle photos

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Hisense Gorenje Europe Marketing Department

For additional information please contact:

Ines Hrovatič, Project Manager ines.hrovatic@gorenje.com

Tanja Mimović, Senior Project Manager tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director Alenka.potocnikanzic@gorenje.com

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