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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Dear Hisense Europe colleagues,
we all hoped that the corona crisis would slowly subside, but unfortunately, we realized that we will have to respond even more decisively to the changes and take even stricter preventive measures which will be here for long term. Self-protective behavior and observance of all preventive measures must become our daily habit at work and at home.

Therefore, today’s newsletter brings an important message from the President of Hisense Europe Group, Mr. Alex Zhu. He emphasizes that health of our employees is number one priority of our company and its management. He explains that we are one of the first factories in Europe which set up a clear prevention regime for our employees inside the company and have become a benchmark regarding implementation of protection measures inside factories. However, despite all prevention measures, we had recently some COVID-19 infections among our employees, where the sources of infections seemed to be outside the company. It turned out that despite all the efforts of the company to implement necessary and strict preventive measures and to educate the employees on the serious danger of COVID-19, some employees did not follow our safety instructions and preventive measures, which is unacceptable. These weeks, when most of us will go on summer vacation, are very crucial for the health of our employees and the company itself. Mr. Zhu wishes you all a great and relaxed holiday, but we all have to stay responsible and make rational choices, especially about travelling to countries with a bad or worsening epidemiological situation.

Alma Ribič, Civil protection commander in Gorenje, sends some tips from Velenje, Slovenia, where they showed us some good practices in preventing the spread of the corona virus. She addresses all employees to follow the prevention guidelines also outside of the company, in our free time and on holidays. The COVID-19 prevention must stay a top priority and responsibility of each of us. See also the poster “Let’s protect ourselves, our families and our colleagues” showing how to curb the spread of corona virus. These guidelines are helping us stay safe at work, at home and on vacation.

In the video interview in section “News from the Hisense world” we talked with Gregor Gržina, Head of the Region 3 (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). He and his team were the best sales performers in June 2020. He told us that the market of white goods has quite recovered since people are staying at their homes more and they invest much more in furnishing their apartments. He says that a great team and good products are key to success and great results were achieved by their bestsellers in cooking and cooling appliances.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to grow fruits or vegetables at home. Consequently, we go to stores less often, but when we do, we make a larger purchase. As a result, we have a lack of space for storing our food. Quarantine product of the day is therefore just right for you. We present Gorenje Chest Freezer, which has many great features such as Flexible baskets, LED lightning, Fast Freeze and Secure lock function, but what is most important, it enables you to storage and preserve healthy and freshly picked food. Very useful for these times! 

Enjoy the newsletter, stay safe and have a great summer vacation.

Gorenje Chest freezer

Life and habits change over time. According to recent data, people make fewer trips to supermarkets and they look to buy as much as possible in a single shopping session. On the other hand, home-growing of food is in ascent, and so is the need for long-term food preservation. Freezing is one of the easiest, fastest, the most versatile and suitable methods for preserving the freshly picked food. It is the also best technology for preserving the food's nutrients. Compared to other preservation methods, there is less change in colour, flavour and structure with freezing.

Gorenje chest freezers with biggest volume to date (up to 457 l) and FastFreeze technology will keep all your frozen food healthy Equipped with flexible baskets and LED lighting, they will ensure all your items are perfectly stored and the ability of operation in cold environments (up to -15 °C) makes them the perfect choice for garages and cellars.

Check all the benefits of Gorenje energy efficient and spacious chest freezers.