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Dear Hisense Europe colleagues,
today’s newsletter begins with a Video of encouragement where Nikola Karabatić, Simplyfans Ambassador and one of the best Handball players ever shares his experience during the corona lockdown. He says he was mostly at home with his family, in a house near Paris. He realized how important it is to be healthy and have a warm and safe home. He sends us all greetings and says that we all need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

See also the latest Hisense news: highly expected PureFlat Eclipse refrigerators will be available in Europe and Australia from September on. This is a new generation of high-end fashion refrigerators, which perfectly fit the modern design. Their ice-maker-in-fridge technology breaks the limitations of traditional ice technology. Without opening the fridge door, you can now choose between ice cubes, crushed ice or chilled water. The inside of the freezer and fridge has a special Antibacterial Guard liner which eliminates up to 99,999 % of bacteria. What a great solution for this corona time when we don’t go grocery shopping so often anymore.

Final, in a new section “Inspirations for Life Simplified” we want to share some useful tips and inspirations with you to design the life you want to live. Of course, with a little help of our great home appliances. This time we want to inspire all grill fans to prepare a delicious steak with Gorenje OmniFlex induction with IQgrill function which offers you a great opportunity to have the best grilling time at home, indoor.

Enjoy the newsletter and stay healthy.

In the Mood for Steak And It's Raining Outside?

We are passionate about reducing the complexities in life to rejoice more light-hearted moments, that are authentic and meaningful.  In this regard we want to help you with some useful tips and inspirations to design the life you want to live. Simpler, with less stress and more enjoyment.

Today we want to inspire meat lovers to prepare a delicious steak, even it is a rainy day outside and no possibility for classic grilling. All you need is a Gorenje OmniFlex induction with IQgrill function, pan, good quality piece of meat, marinade and of course goodwill.  Check out some tips for a great culinary experience of grilling steaks. A simple way to the tastier and healthier barbecue ever. Amaze you family and friends. Enjoy!