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Christmas REDiscovered toolbox is here for you
It is a special year. We discovered the new dimension of Home. We discovered the new meaning of family and friends. Now we want to nurture the new. And we can do so with rediscovering the true colours of our home appliances. Give attention to your home. Imagine the true gift in it. Celebrate life with your loved ones – with best small home helpers! 

To get ready for December deals, we prepared the new Christmas REDiscovered promo toolbox, where you can find social media materials, newsletter, videos and other materials on Mabagor. You can also choose a video from our Christmas playlist.

The toolbox is presented on an example of four products, but all the material is ready for adaptation with any of the product from our extended Christmas range. You can adapt visual solutions based on the selected products for your markets.

Also, don't miss the SDA follow up webinar, which will be held on December 3rd. We will present this Christmas product range to your trainers and try to help you with additional explanation of our key selling points. We are looking forward to e-see you :)
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For your local adaptations, we recommend you to include our partner Frajni agency – contact person: Vera Radojević (
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