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Shoppers today expect access to product reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, and with so much word-of-mouth content available, they are more empowered than ever. In fact, nearly half of shoppers say they are less likely to buy from a brand or retailer if they don’t have reviews on their sites, and 70% of shoppers use reviews to evaluate similar products before buying.

A consumer reviews strategy done right can increase the discoverability and awareness of our products, boost sales, help your business talk in the language of our consumers and provide you with a new touch point to create a dialogue. It can also inform site and page optimizations, provide insights for product improvements or innovation, and ensure our consumers have a positive shopping experience.

We invite you to look at our consumer reviews toolbox which will give you most important elements to kick off this essential marketing and e-commerce initiative.

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For your local adaptations, all marketing communications files are available on Mabagor, but we can also offer our fully qualified and cost-effective partner - agency Epic from Slovenia. Your contact at Epic is If you decide for local adaptation with Epic, please include Urška Jan ( in a copy.

For local adaptations of the consumer review module and landing page please contact our partner AV studio: Please include Darja Medić ( in a copy.
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Urška Jan, Digital Projects Manager:

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Darja Medić, Digital Marketing:

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