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UEFA EURO 2020™ Simplyfans SM communication

With the UEFA EURO 2020™ sponsorship Gorenje’s global Simplyfans platform welcomes football fans among the handball community. Alongside image and sales communication, we activate the fans worldwide across the Simplyfans social media channels.

We have prepared interesting and fun activations and content, including great prizes like championship tickets, Gorenje small domestic appliances and giveaways.  

All the content will be posted in one place – Simplyfans Facebook and Instagram account as well as simplyfans.eu webpage.

Please check the conversation plan and re-post the content from Simplyfans social media channels and Simplyfans website on your local social media profiles. Let us share positive energy, fun and user generated moments to build the community and brand awareness. We will monitor, which markets share content and help spread the sponsorship message. We promise the content is interesting and useful for markets, as it is free of charge, so it is win-win-win situation.

What you need to know

Gorenje starts to communicate the UEFA Euro 2020™ sponsorship and content on Simplyfans channels from 16th of April 2021.

The communication includes:

  • Awareness posts about the sponsorship
  • Hidden camera video
  • “Would you’’ challenges – prize game
  • Tips and tricks
  • Memes
  • Interesting “Did you know?” facts from previous championships
  • Content connected to Gorenje products
  • Voting posts  

You will find the posts and video in the conversation plan.

Landing page
Hidden Camera
Sponsorship Awareness

We start the conversation by announcing the sponsorship and preparing the handball community for football related content.

Hidden Camera

To set up the right mood on SM Simplyfans channels we have prepared a hidden camera video. We placed a green football themed Gorenje Retro Collection Refrigerator at the sales point and went on a hunt to find a true #simplyfan couple that would buy the fridge. The task was not easy, as the male had to persuade his girlfriend into getting the green fridge in return for 2 tickets for the UEFA EURO 2020™. The trick was he could not expose the award to girlfriend. The search was naturally full of funny moments, interesting debates, begging and persuasion. We will share it in a video on our social media.

“Would you” challenges

For 3 weeks, each week, we will publish a different challenge on Simplyfans Facebook profile to test the fans’ passion and point out that anyone can be a #simplyfan. The first challenge is “Would you wear a jersey to work?” followed by “Would you make your own cheering sig?” and “Would you yell at the TV?”. All European market residents can participate in it by sharing their photo of video of the challenge. Main prizes are 2x tickets for the Final match, few official adidas UEFA Euro 2020™ products, Gorenje SDA products and Gorenje giveaways.

You will find the posts in the conversation plan as well as press release to spread the news in local media.

Tips & tricks and Meme’s

We have prepared several useful and funny tips, tricks and memes to spice up the SM feed.

“Did you know” facts

We have looked into the history of the championship to find interesting and amazing facts and statistics about teams, players, goals, events …

Content connected to Gorenje products

Simplyfans is overall a content platform to promote the philosophy of the brand Gorenje, the spirit and non-sale content. However, we have took into consideration that promoting products is the key for every market, therefore we have prepared some product related post. These posts are subtle, communicating the product through relevant content.

Voting posts

From the first day of the championship, we will have daily voting prize games, inviting users to vote for the winning team. We will pick one game each day, the most wanted or anticipated and reward one of the participants.

More information

Anja Anić, Simplyfans Social Media Manager: anja.anic@gorenje.com

Primož Kastelic
, Sports Sponsorship Project Manager: primoz.kastelic@gorenje.com

Irena Knez
, Gorenje Brand Identity Manager: irena.knez@gorenje.com

Rok Zagruševcem
, Gorenje Senior Project Manager: rok.zagrusevcem@gorenje.com

Alenka Potočnik Anžič
, Director of Marketing Communications: alenka.potocnikanzic@gorenje.com

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