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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  

We have prepared a comprehensive Hisense Europe presentation as a vital management and sales tool, presenting our company to new customers, potential partners, and employees. We expose the most important facts about Hisense Group, Hisense International and Hisense Europe. The content is modular, so each market can always adjust the scope of the presentation according to the audience and the occasion. Knowing the audience and respecting their time the concise presentation should highlight the advantages relevant for the customer. We believe that with this presentation you can make a good impression and convince customers that they are dealing with a quality and reliable partner with a clear vision in the European market.

In addition, we have prepared a short 3-minute video in which we present Hisense Europe in the best possible way.

Check both documents:
Video YouTube
Video on Mabagor
For more information, please contact:

Irena Knez, Marketing, Brand identity manager

Tanja Mimović, Senior Project Manager - Hisense

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director

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