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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Time for a fresh AC communication
This year we are creating marketing assets for Air Conditioners’ with the goal of unifying and strengthening our communication in the field of AC over all European markets.

We have prepared a set of communication materials for air conditioners Hisense Fresh Master and Hisense Silentium Pro Series, as well as HI-NANO technology. 

You will find all the solutions and materials in the Hisense AC Toolbox, which includes: 
Hisense AC Toolbox
Please check the toolbox and use the solutions according to your marketing plan. We believe unified and consistent AC communication across all European markets will bring us higher recognition and strengthen our brand image. 

We are looking forward seeing the AC campaign live on your market. 
For markets that use SiteKit, 2021 products are in ISOM & features have been created and connected in order to be displayed on the site. As usual, for local line up, contact AV studio with list of codes & make sure to provide translations of features. If any questions, regarding ISOM turn to Roy Aviram (roy.aviram@gorenje.com) & for features in Mabagor turn to Špela Menih Novak (spela.menihnovak@gorenje.com).

To review the content, you will need access to Mabagor. If you do not have it, please turn to gorenje-tasks@av-studio.si and they will grant you one.
For more information please contact:
Charles Shi, European Regional Brand Manager, Charles.shi@hisense.com

Tanja Mimović, Senior Project Manager, tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com 

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director: alenka.potocnikanzic@gorenje.com 

Bison Feng, Head of AC Europe: bison.feng@hisense.com