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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
New Marketing Materials for Hisense TV 2021 Line-up

In order to round up the marketing communication materials provided by the HQ Product marketing department, we are now releasing a visual & slogan that supports communication of new 2021 TV Line Up released in Europe. We suggest you use it on your our own as well as partners channels (web page and social media as the key channels). 


In addition, we have also prepared a PR pack for the high-end and middle level TV series – please localize and distribute to your local media partners accordingly.

PR Pack includes:

  • Line-up PR
  • Min-LED U9 PR
  • OLED A9 PR
  • ULED U8 PR
  • UHD A7 PR
  • UHD E7 PR
On the links below you will find Sales Presentation template, updated version of existing one, now including also Hisense Brand Part and TV line-up presentation, which you can adapt locally and use for retail partners or internally.

Upcoming by the end of June: A short 30s TV line-up video, briefly showing the line-up with key features (cut downs of existing feature videos provided by HQ Product Marketing Dept., rounded up with slogan from visual above “Full Range. Full Reality”).

PR Pack
Sales Presentation

We will follow up on your 2021 TV Line Up promotional activities, also in accordance with your submitted GTM plans. 

All the best from Hisense Europe marketing team


For markets that use the SiteKit platform, Hisense 2021 TVs are in ISOM & features have been created and connected in order to be displayed on the website. Attach the features List of each series for the reference.

As usual, for the local webpages, please contact AV studio with list of codes & make sure to provide translations of features. If any questions, regarding ISOM turn to Edward (wumingqiang@hisense.com) & for features in Mabagor turn to Carol (carol@hisense.com).

To review the content, you will need access to Mabagor. If you do not have it, please turn to gorenje-tasks@av-studio.si and they will grant you one.

For information regarding the marketing assets please contact:

Carol Wang, Hisense TV Project Manager, carol@hisense.com 

Tanja Mimović
, Senior Project Manager, tanja.mimovic@gorenje.com 

Alenka Potočnik Anžič
, Marketing Director: alenka.potocnikanzic@gorenje.com