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SDA Newsletter: Video boosts conversions and sales

Videos are essential part of our marketing toolboxes, let them be “how it works”, “image” or “social media” types. Adding a product video to our landing page or product description can increase conversion by 80%. So, don’t hesitate and promote our new videos on your social channels and on your e-commerce partners websites.

Made at home. With love and care.

One of the best food slicers in the world Gorenje R901A Master will convince you with the exceptional 2 in 1 Solingen blade, suitable for cutting soft and hard cheese, bread, meat products, vegetables, fruit, meat… The slice thickness can be set between 0 and 15 mm. The inclined position of the pressure plate ensures easy slicing meanwhile the universal 2in1 Solingen blade enables smooth and accurate slicing. Along with the modern and ultra-safe design, easy maintenance, and proud Slovenian quality it is a real money saver, and another must in your kitchen.

Make a life a bit easier (on yourself)

Two of our cordless vacuum cleaners, two heroes, got new video and video features. Gorenje Freestyle Move serie comes with powerful 25.2V lithium battery and will efficiently clean your home. Cordless operation, wall-mounted storage, powerful cyclonic operation, motorized brush, LED illumination on the brush, extra manoeuvrability and flexibility are only a few reasons which will help that your chores will become carefree and simplified.

We trust in our superheroes, so we are proposing also a sales promotion for those two models. We chose a cool combo to add value and increase sell-out of high-end cordless vacuum cleaners. So, now you can promote buying a motor-up vacuum cleaner and getting a double wall kettle for free! Having in mind making life a bit easier, we prepared all the promo materials that will help you on the market.

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