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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Every day is a holiday, if you live it.

Small episodes of love, joy and contentment are a part of a single ordinary day. Seize them and they will glow as the most wonderful holiday moments do. With Gorenje you can simplify your life on many little ways and gather precious moments that you can share with your loved ones.

Enjoy the magic of holidays and have a festive New Year every day.
A peaceful and successful 2022 to all of you from our Marketing team.

On Mabagor you will find:
Season’s greetings pack: video greeting for e-mail sending and for displaying on local web page as well as on social media (FB, IG). You can also find web page banner, post for social media and e-mail signature banner.

Season's greetings whole pack >>
Email video season's greeting:
EN version >>
Your local versions
For video adaptations to local language we recommend you include our partner: AV studio agency from Velenje. Your contact at AV studio is Vesna Bašelj: @Vesna Bašelj

For local adaptations of the landing page main banner please contact our partner AV studio:
For more information, please contact:

Sabina Vranc, Project Manager:

Irena Knez, Brand Identity Manager:

Rok Zagruševcem, Senior Project Manager:

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director:

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