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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Hot retro design. No ice build-up.

There is a strong connection between Retro image and Life simplified communication platform. Nostalgia evokes memories from the past – the good old days, when everything seemed clear and simple. Nowadays we need Gorenje appliances to have Life simplified again. Gorenje is introducing new retro refrigerator, that comes in 4 new colours with no frost technology.

Now you can select the trendy Gorenje Retro Collection fridge & freeze on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. 

On the link below, you will find the social media toolboox, examples of posts, mobile application, blog post and viral videos.
End of month we will also take a short design videos and product videos, which they can  be also used for your promotions on the market.
We will let you know, when these will be available.
In case you are still missing something and you have any other requests, we are here for you.
Your local versions
For your local adaptations of any marketing communications material, use our fully qualified and cost effective partner, agency AV studio from Velenje.

Your contact at AV is Vesna Bašelj (vesna.baselj@av-studio.si).
For more information, please contact:

Sabina Vranc, Project Manager: sabina.vranc@gorenje.com

Rok Zagruševcem, Senior Project Manager: rok.zagrusevcem@gorenje.com

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director: Alenka.PotocnikAnzic@gorenje.com

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