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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  

With the new – refreshed – product sticker concept we have introduced the necessary improvements, while following the same goals: to make the stickers informative yet attractive and to present the consumer benefits in local languages.

We refreshed the layouts, adjusted the formats to the specifics of each product group, proposed more appropriate positioning, better materials and more. All with the aim of a better user experience and brand presentation at the point of sale.

Based on this refreshed concept we have already prepared approximately 160 individual sticker solutions for all MDA product categories and performance levels, defined by Product Marketing team.

Check Mabagor database to find the complete toolbox with the following documents for a simplified local implementation:

  • Product stickers Manual – with new and improved guidelines
  • Product stickers Catalogue – overview of all pre-designed stickers
  • Product stickers Files – open file packages of 160 pre-designed stickers
  • Product stickers Content – a comprehensive sticker content for customization
  • Product stickers Pricelist – informative prices of printing

Sticker localization
All sticker files for your local translations are available on Mabagor.

For DTP adaptation we recommend our partner Frajni agency (contact person: marija.djordjevic@frajni.com) or your local agency. If producing custom content stickers please send the solutions to Irena Knez (irena.knez@gorenje.com) and Lena Likar (lena.likar@gorenje.com) for approval. Find the complete implementation process in the new manual.
For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Lena Likar, Senior Graphic Designer

Irena Knez, Brand Identity Manager

Paula Andrea Cardenas Mahne, Head of Retail Marketing and CX

Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Marketing Director
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