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Additional content to promote the 2022 TV Line Up now available!

Dear colleagues,

In March you have received the creative campaign Toolbox to promote the new 2022 TV Line Up >> Real Talk. Surreal Tech. Now, we are releasing additional tools to support promotion of our technologically advanced Hisense TVs across different touch points. 

Discover the ingredients for in store promotion success with 

Explore additional content for online & offline channels 
on Site Kit / “Real Talk. Surreal Tech” / test environment preview
Landing page on SiteKit platform is ready for localization >> Please contact Ema Delič from AV Studio to assist you with preparing local landing page ( Texts for translations available here. /For others not using SiteKit, a reminder Landing page design, available here
As usual, if you hit any bumps on the road with using the above assets, we are here to help (see contacts below). Please make sure that all the content localized is being revised and confirmed by a local product manager.

Kind regards from EHQ Marketing team 
For more information, please contact:

For Marketing Communication related topics:
Carol Wang, TV Marketing Communication,
Tanja Mimović, Head of Hisense Marketing Communication,

For Retail Marketing related topics:
Bojana Rauker, Project Manager - Retail Marketing,
Paula Cardenas Mahne, Head of Retail marketing & CX,

We are in process of finalizing the first TV Selling Arguments document. It will be available here by end of month. We will be sure to remind you about it!

VIDAA Team is working on new content release. You will receive content from VIDAA team, for more information you can contact: Jernej Smisl (