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SDA Newsletter: Master of the pitch. And the kitchen.
Meet the new Pro in your kitchen

People love delicious, high-quality food, but few of us have enough time each day to spend hours in the kitchen like professional chefs. That’s why we need innovative products that make it easier for us to prepare food, so we can dedicate our time to what we enjoy most in life and what we are best at.

HISENSE microwave ovens have innovative and intuitive functions that make them much more than a household appliance for simply defrosting and heating food. They are powerful and indispensable culinary assistants for everyone, especially home chefs who want to prepare healthy, delicious meals quickly and easily for themselves and their loved ones.

HISENSE microwave ovens are not just for breakfasts or snacks, but can be used to make high-quality, nutritious lunches and dinners to ensure that you and your family get the nutrients and energy you need to deal with the challenges of the day.

We've prepared a bigger marketing campaign to be used on your markets as to give the Hisense brand microwaves' the right spot and show the range of their cooking abilities!

Check out the toolbox and adapt the materials for your local markets.  You can find everything on Mabagor, where open files are also uploaded. Plan the campaign and implement every possible tool at your disposal.

One oven, two pros & seven delicious micro-recipes!

Top chefs and athletes know that high-quality food is key to meeting everyday challenges. That's why we’ve brought together two top talents in their fields, who have prepared 7 delicious micro-recipes for gourmet dishes made with HISENSE microwave ovens: ANŽE KUPLENIK, top young chef and winner of the MasterChef Slovenia 2019 competition, and LARA PRAŠNIKAR, top scorer of the Slovenian women’s national football team. The best female football player in Slovenia thus dares to test her skills on a new field: in the kitchen of the best young chef in Slovenia.

Anže invited the popular football player to his kitchen for a HISENSE CULINARY BOOTCAMP and created 7 delicious recipes and meals together with Lara, all prepared with the innovative functions of the HISENSE microwave ovens.

Check out the videos and go, share them with you audience on as many marketplaces and online platforms as possible!

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As we know Social Media play a very important role in today's society. Social selling is the new sales model or sales 2.0. In 2021, 4.48 billion people were using social media. Not only does social give you a window into the largest addressable market online, but it shows you what actual people talk about or like. Once you learn how to solve this market’s problems with thought leadership content, you can build an audience that believes in your brand and products and services.

We believe in engaging potential customers where they are at: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and even some of the younger platforms like TikTok. With a strong social media strategy and the ability to create engaging content, you can not only engage your audience, but also extend the brand reach much further as well as increase the sales.

Here you will find all the relevant content to use on Social Media that – we are certain – will pay-off in sales.

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:

Špela Menih Novak: spela.menihnovak@gorenje.com
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