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Take your spotlight and shine
The year's biggest sales extravaganza has already started, and we just want to remind you: it's time to fully take your spotlight on the markets.

Keep in mind that during this selling season, your store will be more visited again! It will witness a much higher order volume and huge stream of customers. It is good to have a plan as of how to stand out and make yourself visible in the store.

Please keep in mind that Black Friday is not an ordinary sale event. People come to your store with the expectation to find different and outstanding Black Friday deals. So, our Black Friday tips for retailers is to be creative, go big, and offer customers exclusive sales that they should not miss.

Well worth your attention is also your website and online performance. According to several studies, there is a close relationship between page loading speed and conversion rates. Check also all the content on your disposal and use it wisely and precisely on as many e-comm platforms as you can: build anticipation and create fresh and eye-catching landing pages, pop-ups, or banners that highlight your store’s exclusive discounts. Include influencers and other social media channels to make sure your sales volume skyrockets.

One of the easiest eComm Black Friday tips is to add special discounts directly to your products. If you want to increase your average order value, you can also try to offer bundle sales.
A fine tactic to improve your digital presence is leveraging your social media strength. Making most of this golden marketing channel (with over 4.2. million active users), we propose building profitable BF social media campaigns, which can increase customers’ engagement, collect incentives, and build anticipation towards sales. A strong channel to distribute your sales information is also through email marketing. Last year's BF showed that this one is the winner when it comes to conversion rate.

A reminder: Although it is not until the end of November that Black Friday officially kicks off, it is better to start Black Friday at the early stage, which means now would be a good time. We’ve already started measuring the results in content implementation for SDA to see how the volume of the content increase the volume of the sales. After this period of sales is over, we will let you know about the results, so we suggest start implementing as much as possible.
Every Christmas we feel a sort of foretold obligation to make something really special out of this time of the year. We follow different Christmas trends, if we’re really at it, we follow them all and try make everything happen at once. Clutter our homes, lives, our time and loved ones with a good proportion of Christmas tasks. And we do it every year. Not very special, not at all.

Gorenje holds a fabulous promise. Gorenje simplifies our lives.

If we translate simplification into Christmas time and if we try to focus on the choice of very simple things that can actually make our Christmas time special, unique, unforgettable, merry, then we can hope our Christmas will for once really be special.

Everybody can choose to live simpler. And everybody can enjoy, when making this simple most wonderful time of the year. Choose Gorenje very special Christmas specials.

We present Gorenje SDA Christmas range here and letting you know you will receive all the marketing material by the end of the month.
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