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Dear colleagues,

we have received for the first time EcoVadis Silver medal last month and that was just a start. We plan to deliver in upcoming months more assets connected to sustainability topics for Hisense and Gorenje brand.

In this toolbox we have put a little bit of more focus on energy efficiency for Gorenje MDA and SDA appliances. You can find press release about Gorenje upcoming cooling line up that has focus on energy efficient appliances and their benefits for end consumer. Gorenje SDA appliances can as well help save energy and money, can make energy efficient frying, make delicious meals with less energy and less used time.

is in our mind when we design our home appliances. The design of home appliances heavily relies on the selection of high-quality and durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The choice of materials also affects the product's environmental sustainability and overall value for the user. Gorenje achieves product durability by carefully redesigning surfaces, which increases their load-bearing capacity and resilience while using less material. The areas that are frequently touched should be made with materials that are sturdy, stain-free, have a pleasant texture, and can be easily cleaned.

For that matter, 7 in 10 homebuyers are looking for a smart home, and 78% are willing to pay more for a home with smart devices. How you can use connected ovens with our ConnectLife and at same time save on time, enjoy peace of mind, and maybe even save some energy, find in prepared press release.

Hisense new TV line up is coming soon and full comprehensive PR pack for new line up is ready for you to use and share on your local markets.

Last but not least there are some additional assets prepared for sponsorship for PSG Beyond Expetation Experience and Gorenje Machineseeker EHF Champions League.

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