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We claim our high quality

We truly had a good summer regarding the successfully recognized quality of our products. Following the previous rewards (Red dot award for SVC252GFA, ECARF certificate for AP500 SENSE AIR, »good mark« for vacuum sealer VC120E by Slovene consumers' association and wining the independent national consumer's association test for bread maker BM900AL), there are two more rewards in our hands. Check them out and take a true advantage of them on your markets:

ORA ITO SDA range awarded with prestigious award

We are proud to inform you that our ORA ITO SDA black range has been awarded with prestigious design award Plus X Award! We were recognized for outstanding quality in categories of High Quality, Design, Ergonomics and Functionality.

As the jury expressed »the design of this series, designed by Ora Ito, impressively combines aesthetics and functionality, giving the kitchen a modern and elegant atmosphere. The high ease of use of blender, kettle, hand mixer, hand blender, toaster, and kitchen scale is ensured by an intuitive user interface and simple operation, which facilitates their use for users of all experience levels. In addition, the small appliances offer a wide range of functions that efficiently handle various kitchen tasks, which leads to their recognition by PLUS X AWARD.”

We believe this is your chance to RE-INTRODUCE black Ora ïto collection of small domestic appliances on your market and make sure, they reach for the stars also in sales!

Check out more in our press release >>

‚Very good‘ mark for Gorenje Air Fryer AF1700DB

The German test magazine ETM has tested our Gorenje air fryer AF1700DB and we are delighted to share the findings!

Our air fryer performed as extremely safe to use, easy to handle (mainly thanks to the double basket system) and regularly ‘very good’ cooking performance, regardless of the type of the food. Out of 100%, it achieved a rating of 92,2% which means truly ‘very good’!

For more info about the test performed, here is our press release >>.

We are proud that our Gorenje SDA appliances rank among top quality products, and we assure we will keep on with simplifying life of the end users with our high quality!
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