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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
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IFA 2023 fair in Berlin is behind us and you can find in this toolbox recap video that you can use on your digital channels. Rest of the assets in this toolbox are concentrating on topics:

1. Gorenje sustainable products
With households willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products, companies such as Gorenje, are reinventing their product lines and waste management to reduce environmental impact. Gorenje's appliances are made from up to 22% recycled materials and consume less energy, while measures such as innovative technologies have reduced energy consumption by 23%, natural gas by 24%, and water by 17% from 2018 to 2022. The company's eco-friendly cooling solutions, dishwashers, laundry and kitchen appliances use advanced features to reduce food waste, optimise the cooling process and prevent the accumulation of ice.

2. Gorenje sport sponsorship with EHF Champions League
Gorenje has upgraded its commitment to become a premium partner of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League until the end of the 2024/25 season. Elite clubs from all over Europe will compete in the tournament to claim victory. With the premium partnership, Gorenje will strive to advance activations on different digital channels, uniting fans around the world. Gorenje has a rich history supporting top-class handball, reflecting the brand's core values of strength, reliability, and teamwork. 

3. Gorenje AF1700DB air fryer has achieved a rating of 92.2% in a test by German magazine ETM Testmagazin
The Gorenje AF1700DB air fryer has achieved a rating of 92.2% in a test by German magazine ETM Testmagazin, indicating excellent performance. The air fryer is safe to use and easy to handle thanks to its double basket system. The magazine found the cooking performance to be "very good," regardless of the type of food. The AF1700DB air fryer is also smaller than a traditional oven, heats up faster, and saves electricity. Gorenje SDA appliances continue to rank among top-quality products, simplifying the lives of end-users with high-quality features.

4. Hisense's Hi8 Series kitchen appliances have been awarded the BIG SEE Product Design Award
Hisense's Hi8 Series kitchen appliances have been awarded the BIG SEE Product Design Award, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence in design, innovation, and sustainability. The award-winning appliances seamlessly merge premium quality, smart home integration via the ConnectLife platform, and sustainable design, providing a diverse range of cooking methods. The appliances offer a sleek design, user-friendly interface, and easy cleaning, with remote monitoring and control through the ConnectLife platform. The Hi8 Series reflects Hisense's dedication to culinary excellence, health, and well-being, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

5. ConnectLife at IFA 2023
ConnectLife was showcased at IFA 2023, presenting a platform that seamlessly connects smart devices in one place. The platform represents all Hisense brands and provides additional services through a mobile phone app. At the event, attendees experienced hands-on showcases and wall-mounted smartphones that offered a visual display of in-app functionalities. Sustainability was a focal point of the presentation, and the ConnectLife TV app was presented as the central control point for smart home devices. The presentation showcased how technology and convenience merge seamlessly in the world of smart living.

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